Don’t you know about these 4 health benefits of Onion?

health benefits of onion

Why Onions are good for you?

Onion and garlic are most common vegetable or staple found in most kitchen. Whether you cook Indian, Italian, Mexican and any other food, onion is used in lot of recipes. It don’t only provides a delicious flavor to your food but also delivers ample of health benefits. That’s why you should consider adding this wonderful vegetable to your food list on regular basis. Whether you eat them raw or cooked, onion have high quantity of sulphur component, Vitamin C, flavonoids and phytochemicals. All these nutrient gets inside the body and delivers numerous of health benefits. Now let’s know about the health benefits of Onion.

  1. Heart Health

Onion has antioxidants and phyto-compounds that helps to reduce inflammation in the body. There are various studies that shows the positive effect of consuming onion on blood and heart. Many studies stated consumption of onion on regular basis can decrease triglycerides and reduces risk of blood clotting. Beside this, onion also have been shown to reduce level of cholesterol in the body.

  • Control Blood Sugar

Onion contains specific compounds like quercetin and sulfur that possess anti-diabetic effect. Many studies have found that eating onion can reduce the blood sugar level in the body and can manage the blood sugar level by lifting up the level of insulin.

  • Anti- Bacterial Action

Do you know? Our bodies inside organ- Gut is the home of tons of bacteria that helps to keep our body healthy. Onion contains fibers which helps to feed good bacteria in the intestine and keeps intestinal flora healthy and balanced in the body. Also Onion contains Quercetin etract that have powerful action towards fighting bacteria and maintaining fitness. Onion can fight various harmful bacteria like E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus cereus that can cause damage to intestine.