Experts say the polio crisis can spiral out of control if not managed.

Experts say the polio crisis can spiral out of control if not managed.

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty and CDC

It appears that there is a surge of cases of polio in the United States of America, the polio returned after a generation in the country and people are fearing that this could turn into a crisis if not managed properly, blowing out of proportion like the COVID 19, in a report made on the 18th July, the new York state health department informed the United States Center for disease and control that they’ve begun to detect fresh cases of Polio, which is known to be fatal in some cases among young adults, and if not death, lead to a condition of paralysis, the presence of the virus was earlier detected in the sewers and drainage systems of Counties of Rockland and Orange outside the city of New York and there is a high chance of it spreading in the locals residing there.

Has polio returned to the world?

This return of the virus got nations around the world on alert, which led them to increase their own surveillance, they’ve detected the polio virus too. The problematic part is that the CDC is trying to limit the number of tests conducted by private labs, which will allow the virus to invade communities practically unhindered, experts are fearing that the inaction on the part of CDC, which had led to the COVID crisis spiral out of control, will be repeated in the form of Polio, even CDC knows that their first hand response to the COVID crisis can be described as botched as best, their director admitted to that in a public statement 


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