How Should You Deal With Stretch Marks in Teenagers

Don’t know how to deal with stretch marks in teenagers

Stretch marks in teenagers

As a teenager, you have to deal with so much either physically or mentally. Your body is changing and so is your appearance. Growth of beard, changes in genital parts and voice; the appearance of pimples on the skin, and much more. One of the thing that is experienced during this growth are stretch marks, this stretchy skin is a natural process that our body goes through. These are mostly seen on hips, thighs, legs, abdomen, and chest. Usually, these do not cause any pain or harm to the body, however people with dry skin sometimes experienced itchiness in the area of stretch marks. Developing stretch marks in teenagers is a completely normal thing. So you don’t have to be worried about or feel ashamed about it in any form. But if you still want to deal with them the ineffective way there are some ways natural as well as cosmetic treatments.

We would surely discuss these ways but let first completely understand the science behind the development of stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks?

The medical term for symbolizing stretch marks is Striae Distensae or Striae Gravidarum. These are tipped streaks that appeared on the skin at different parts. They vary in color from time to time when they start forming appeared in red and purple color while when they start maturing they appeared in cream or silver color.

What causes stretch marks?

This stretchy skin can have a number of reasons behind developing like sudden weight gain or weight loss, the effect of certain steroids or drugs, pregnancy, and much more. When it comes to the reason for developing stretch marks in teenagers, some of the major reasons can be genetic inheritance and sudden growth spurts.