House of the dragon brings aboard a villain crazier than Joffrey 

House Of The Dragon


The game of thrones, prequel, the house of the dragon is now airing on HBO now with the third season  released, it brings forth a villain that is more dangerous and unhinged that the likes of Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton we saw in the TV series of Game of thrones or the song of Ice and Fire, and you would be very surprised to know that this antagonist is a very dangerous and threatening villain to our protagonist Rhyaenra, what’s worth noting is that at the age of introduction of this villain, he is merely a baby boy, some of you may have guessed it already, the show has finally showcased Aegon the second while he is still a baby, Aegon the second is the son of King Viserys the first and his second wife, Queen Alicent Hightower, which means that Rhyaenra is his elder half sister, while still a baby, we see a lot of jumping back and forth in time to cover segments in the house of the dragon show, we see the birth of Aegon the second and we the family celebrating his second birthday or name day as called in a world of ice and fire. As of what we know already, 27-year-old British actor Tom Gyn Carney is all set to play a grown-up Aegon the second, while we see Paddy Constantine in the role of Viserys the first, his new wife alicent Hightower is played by Emily Carey, Miley Allock however is seen playing Rhyaenra.

A look into the third episode of house of the dragon 

The third episode of the house of the dragon is titled the second of his name, obviously a reference to the debut of the character of Aegon the second, in the premier episode we had seen the death of the King’s first wife and the hand of the king, Otto Hightower marrying his daughter Alicent Higtower to the King, who is the mother of Aegon the second, now the hightowers are all trying to set up Aegon as the heir to the throw at the expense of the rights of Rhyaenra.