George Clooney made a mistake by having his kids learn Italian: accepted publicly.

George Clooney made a mistake by having his kids learn Italian


The Batman “George Clooney” and his wife Amal publicly said that they both regret that they allow their 5-years- old twins Alexander and Ella to learn a foreign language.

A terrible mistake was made by the couple.

On Wednesday, the 61-years-old-actor and 44-year-old lawyer were hosted by host Gayle King on “CBS Morning”.

Later in the interview Host, Gayle King asked the couple what delights them the most about their children, on this, they add even at the age of five they are very chatty, even though they also said that sometimes while chatting they also use some foreign language like Italian at this point we feel that we have made a terrible mistake to have them learn new foreign languages. Because now they can easily make fool of us as we don’t know about many languages 

George Clooney made a mistake by having his kids learn Italian

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Alexander is following the footsteps of his father George Clooney in being a prankster.

Later in the conversation, George said I am from Kentucky so English is always my second language he joked and later add that by the grace of God they know at least a bit of French 

Later Amal answered some questions asked by host Gayle King in which she mentioned that their son Alexander is a big prankster.

She also told how her husband taught him these all lessons of pranking and now most of the time he got pranked by Alexander. 

George got happy after knowing about Alexander’s favourite hero.

In the same interview, George tells that one good day Alexander comes to him and told him that he likes Batman and Batman is his favourite superhero, after this George said you know early I use to play the character.

But instead of being amazed, yes but not anymore and gave a big smile.

The actor played the role of Batman in Joel Schumacher’s “Batman vs Robin” although the film can’t perform well at the box office 

Later a question asked by the host in which he asked that is there any chances that your kids can also be a part of the industry in answer George said they can be what they want to be although I think they will ace everything as they are smarter than me, in the age of five they learned three languages where I am still trying to deal with English George joked.