WOW! Dishwasher tablet in the shower can do this

Have you ever tried your dishwasher tablet in shower?

dishwasher tablets in shower

You may or may not have heard about this amazing trick that is going viral on all social media platforms of using a dishwasher tablet in the shower by a lady to make it sparkling clean. Technically there is no point why dishwasher tablets can’t be part of your shower cleaning routine. But practically it was not the part of shower routine ever before this experiment. Now the question comes whether you should put a dishwasher tablet in the shower to clean it or not? So here we are going to tell about this lady’s experiment of doing so and what happens next in the result. And truly you would be intrigued by this.

The starting point of this experiment is the shower which is fairly clean but has some hard time going water strains that need to be removed from both natural stone tiling and metal fixtures as well as some grout discoloration in the shower area. So the experiment started with dissolving a good brand dishwasher tablet and using an e-cloth which makes the cleaning results even better. Dishwasher tablets are compressed detergent after all and are easy enough to hold with a sponge or cloth. Without wasting any time, the lady moistened the tablet in warm water and start scrubbing the tiles, metal fixtures, grouts, and the drainage area of the shower space/ bathroom using an e-cloth. But she had to see that does this method actually works?