Ying Yang twins crumpled on stage. What is happening with D-Roc?


Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

This unfortunate incident occurred this weekend. It happened at the Ozark Empire Fair, Missouri. The event occurred as D-Roc and Kaine, the rest of the combo went on stage. 

What is wrong with D-Roc?

Unfortunately, D-Roc passed out on stage during the Ying Yang Twin’s performance. The performance was taking place at a Vanilla Ice concert. The incident occurred this weekend in Missouri at Ozark Empire Fair. While Kaine, and D-Roc, the other left of the pair were performing on stage. 

As per the reports of TMZ, the famous rapper crumpled on the ground, and immediately security personnel went on stage. They tried to help him out quickly.  


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When we talk about the performance he was giving on stage, the fans got to know about his unconsciousness when he falls to the ground shockingly. It was in the middle of his performance in the month of July 2022. 

Who else has gone through a similar situation? 

In the month of February, this year 2022 the famous comedian Heather McDonalds went through a similar situation. The situation occurred when McDonald broke his skull during his comedy performance. Another similar incident occurred with the singer Wonho. This happened after he had a little hunch while performing in the month of November, in the year 2002. After this incident, K-Pop raised its voice as he passed out during his performance. Another incident occurred when the fans witnessed how the BTS band members passed out off-stage in the year 2017. This happened after the exhausting practice session that was going on. Another session that had a similar incident took place in March 2020. 


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Why suddenly D-Roc passes out?

The first assumption for his passing out was said to be the weather which was not suitable, however, it was, later, said it is not about the weather. The claims were disapproved by the D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twin’s IG Page. The page cleared the air so that he didn’t pass out because it was burning weather. However, he agreed that drinking water didn’t really help in the video. He wrote a caption to thank all his well-wishers. He said he is grateful to everyone who called, texted, or somehow got in touch to know about his health. He further said he is doing great, and he will see all his fans at the Playlist concert that is going to take place on Saturday.