Why GoFundMe raises more than $60,000. How did Caitlin Jensen got paralyzed?

Caitlin Jensen

Credit: GoFundMe and Instagram

Caitlin Jensen suddenly got paralyzed and shocked everyone. Caitlin Jensen obtained chiropractic care from Georgia Southern University. She received it on 16 June 2022 at the age of 28. As per the reports, the arteries of Caitlin were cut during the adjustments of chiropractic. This is the reason she had paralysis.  

What is GoFundMe? 

GoFundMe is the initiative that was made to raise finances for the treatment of Caitlin Jensen. It is a page that raises finances for medical expenses of Jensen. It is a campaign that was created to collect finance for her all-medical expenses that have already crossed the fundraising target. The target was to have $61,000 for Jensen. It received an overwhelming response and gained more than 1201 donations. Sweet recovery messages were sent along with donations for the 28-year-old. Some funder’s identities were kept open while some were anonymous well-wishers for Jensen. 

As per the information provided by the fundraiser, Caitlin can only move her eyes, and only via eyes, she can communicate. Along with this, she can also move her toes a bit. The rest of her whole body is facing paralyzes.

What is 22nd June Linda Foster GoFundMe? 

Caitlin Jensen graduated in May 2022 with subjects of Chemistry and Biology, from Georgia Southern University. The information is given by Linda Foster, GoFundMe page which was set up on 22nd June 2022. As per reports, she is in Georgia Memorial Hospital in Savannah. She is in the neurosurgical ICU. As per the description of Linda Foster, Caitlin is a girl who is 28 years old and has received a stroke. She further stated that she had an insufficient pulse for more than 10 minutes. She was later resurrected. the information is as per the fundraiser’s page. 

She has also received a brain injury and not keeping well. As per the reports she can only talk with her eyes by blinking them and wiggling her toes.  After that, due to her critical condition, except for her eyes and toes rest of her body is paralyzed. Jensen will require some time to recover, and she will require financial aid to recover well from the situation. 

As per the reports by Linda, Jensen felt pain near her neck area and back of the brain on 13th July 2022. She also experiences trouble taking breaths sometimes. Caitlin can recover well if she is given proper rehabilitation and therapy.