Who was Baby Suga? What happened to Trina’s niece?


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Unfortunate news broke to Trina and her family. On 20th July 2022, Trina’s niece Baby Suga was dead. The reason behind her sudden passing away is that she was shot as per sources. Katrina Laverne Taylor popularly known as Trina has kept silent since the news came out. On 20th July, morning a shocking incident occurred in Libert City, Miami. This happened with 62nd Street and Northwest 13th Avenue. Three innocent people died, one of them being Baby Suga. She died immediately after she received the gunfire. Along with that, the situation between the two is also critical. 

Both were transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital.   As per the reports, a statement is provided by the Miami Police Department, that reached the location of the gunshot at midnight. When they reached, they saw a young girl who was shot, and they later declared her dead. They further added that the other two were sent to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Gunshots from both the victim’s bodies were removed safely. Police said that they are currently investigating why the incident occurred suddenly?

What is the current scenario?

As per the reports, Police are still investigating the case and sudden gunshot. They are searching for Black SUV. The car was found around the crime scene and also it had little bullet damage on it. No comments are provided by the authorities for the unfortunate incident that occurred. No information is available on whether the gunshots were intentional or random. However, it is believed by TMZ that Trina’s niece must have reached the wrong destination at the wrong time. 

Trina’s niece became popular when she was featured in the song of Nann Nia, Trick Daddy. More records made her more popular, and she even had an offer for a record deal. She gave a hit in the March of 2000, called Da Baddest bch. This instantly made it to the top of the US Billboard of 200 Chart.   


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Taylor has her second stadium album called Diamond Princess. The album began in the year 2001 and it wrapped up in August 2002. She gave her third album called Glamorest Life, which came in the month of October 2005. In the year 2007, she joined EMI and left Atlantic Records. 

Her fourth album, Still da Baddest, was released in the month of April 2008. Her fifth album called Amazin got 13th rank on the Billboard 200.