Who is on the number one spot in the UK’s albums chart? Eminem or Beyonce?

Eminem is competing with Beyonce

It appears that the top spot in the list is a highly and closely contested title of the number one spot in the UK’s album list between the two of the most loved singers of the time, it is looking like Eminem and Beyonce are in close competition to occupy the coveted title.

Does Eminem have a lead over Beyonce?

Recently, the new album of Marshal Bruce Mathers the second, who is better known by the name he uses on the stage, Eminem, Curtain call no 2, the latest album of Eminem dropped, earlier this month, on the 5th of August, and even though not much time has passed but the album is quickly climbing the ranks in the charts and has already secured the second position, it remains to be seen that whether it will climb up even more and dispose the latest album of Beyonce, renaissance, as the number one on the list of album busters, many fans are guessing that the rapper Eminem might just surpass Beyonce in the UK, and the fact remains that it is a very close contested competition, with a mere number of 100 or so numbers between them. Curtain call no 2 is a direct sequel meant to honor the curtain call album of 2005 of the rapper, even after almost 17 years of its release, it is a very loved song among the fans.


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More details about the latest album of Eminem 

the last album of Eminen, which serves as a direct sequel to the older album of Eminem, which was titled in a similar fashion, curtain call, this new album consists of roughly 34 songs and two discs, the first song, titled the King and I had a feature from Ceelo Green and was also used in the film Elvis inspired by the life of the rock and roll king elvis presley.   


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