Who is Jaclyn Hill, and where did she come from? Amber Heard’s Bodyguard’s ‘Embarrassing’ Incident Video on Tiktok

Jaclyn Hill

Beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill, also known as ‘jacattack,’ has shared a story about an “embarrassing” incident she had with Amber Heard’s security on TikTok. The ongoing court dispute between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife has generated a lot of buzz on social media recently.


Jaclyn Hill said nothing about the ongoing court battle, but she did share a story about meeting Amber at a restaurant years ago.

Jaclyn Heard was treated with kindness by Amber Heard.


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In her most recent TikTok, Jaclyn Hill claims to have kept the Amber story to herself for “two years.” But she felt obliged to share it now because the actress keeps popping up on her news stream.


Despite the fact that she described it as the “horrifying and humiliating story of the day I met Amber Heard,” she said nothing unpleasant about her.

Jaclyn and her pals were eating at a Nobu restaurant in Malibu, California, a few years ago, to cut a long story short.


Jaclyn said that she had eye contact with Amber in very awkward way. She sat at another table adjacent to them for the entire three hours she was at the restaurant.

When it was time for Jaclyn and her companions to leave, she claimed she had no choice but to walk by Amber.


She complimented the actress by calling her ‘lovely,’ according to the TikToker. Amber gratefully accepted the comment and even returned it with a few of her own.


Amber allegedly remarked that she “couldn’t stop looking” at Jaclyn’s ear piercing, which sparked a conversation between the two.

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The actress’s bodyguards then intervened.

The star’s bodyguard allegedly told TikToker to leave, according to TikToker.

According to the TikTok, just as Amber and Jaclyn Hill were going to continue their talk, the star’s bodyguard “grabbed her arm” and said, “ma’am include me.”

She also claims she was “dragged” to the restaurant’s “overcrowding” entrance and informed she “shouldn’t be allowed to talk to her (Amber)” and that she “wants to go.”

Jaclyn described the episode as “embarrassing” and “humiliating.” Not because of Amber, but because of her security guard, who allegedly cut them off in the middle of their talk.

Amber was not the one who humiliated her, according to Jaclyn Hill, who stated at the end of the film that it was the actress’ security, not Amber, who was to blame for the incident.


“So it wasn’t her (Amber) who humiliated or mistreated me.” However, that was one of the most humiliating situations I’ve ever had.”