Where you can buy Zayn Malik’s Funko Pop Price? Want to know its Release Date?

Zayn Malik Funko Pop Price


Zayn Malik is someone that every second kid knows about. He is a famous singer and was once a part of One Direction. 

If you love to collect or are a collector, then Zayn Malik’s Funko Pop is available in the market. Yes, you can go and buy them from the market. The infamous Funko company has launched its new inputs on the list with Zayn Malik. This is surely a blessing for all the fans of Zayn Malik. 

If you wish to know how you can buy the Funko Pop then read the full article. Also you will find other dates like release date and price, etc. 

What is the launch date of Zayn Malik’s Funko Pop?

We can’t be in doubt that fans are loving the news that Funko Pop of Zayn Malik will get a crazy line of collectors. There are many stars we have seen in the past that have their own Funko Pop. Zayn Malik is added to the line of those stars. The crazy fan base of Zayn Malik was waiting for this moment for a long now their wait is finally over. It is for sure a treat for all the fans of Zayn Malik. 

If you are planning to buy the Funko Pop, then you should not miss any of the details that are present in this article. One fortunate news that is present is that you don’t have to wait for its launch as it has already been released. It was released on 12th July 2022. It means a few days back only.  Now you can buy your own Funko Pop for yourself or your friends. However, to know more details about it then read the full article. 


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What does the Funko Pop look like?

If you ever had Funko Pop at your place or you have bought any Funko Pop, then you must be aware how what it looks like. You can see Funko Pop of BTS which is very popular and appreciated. Now Zayn Malik’s Funko Pop will be in a line that is assumed to have a great fanbase. This is an opportunity for the fans to have mini-Zayn at their place. 

Zayn Malik has used his social media platform to share the picture of his collectible. The pictures portray Zayn Malik Funko Pop having a beard, piercing, tattoos, hairstyle and many more. The hairstyle which is used is the exclusive Zayn Malik hairstyle. 

However, few fans believe it does not have much of a resemblance with Zayn Malik. 

Where to buy Zayn Malik Funko Pop?

Zayn Malik’s Funko Pop according to the Amazon Page says the product will be available on 6th December 2022. On Amazon, it is $12.99 while on the website of the company it is for $12 only. Extra charges can be applied for shipping and gift packing.