What is IShowSpeed? Why Youtuber was handcuffed?



Some of you might be confused by the name IShowSpeed that what it is? What it does do? Then let me tell you IShowSpeed is a YouTuber. The famous IShowSpeed while having his live streaming had an unfortunate event. He was handcuffed during the streaming. IShowSpeed is quite popular to grab the attention of all its fans and users for multiple reasons. Something happened similar this time too, he was having his live streaming in the midst of a few uninvited visitors with him. Guess what, they were the cops, who arrested and handcuffed him. 

However, do you want to know why did it happen? What was the reason? Read the whole article to know. 

Who were the unwelcomed guests during IShowSpeed’s live stream?

With 10 million subscribers on the youtube channel of IShowSpeed. He is one of the loved most YouTubers now. He surely has a massive fan base but something surprising happened with IShowSpeed during his live streaming.  The Youtuber always creates a buzz due to the content he shows or provides. One of the most recent ones, had him trying to burn fireworks in his own bedroom. The outcome led to the situation that he had to end up calling the fire department. 

Although, this time the reason for his video going trending is that he has got handcuffed by the cops. The situation was that some cops arrived and did that. This all situation occurred when he was having his live stream. After this everyone wants to know why all this happened.


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Why was IShowSpeed handcuffed?

During his live stream, at his place, IShowSpeed got some police officers. In the video we can observe the youtuber, IShowSpeed stating to the cops that he didn’t do anything. However, the live stream was short as the cops were interrupting it. We should not miss that it was Adin Ross, the star of Twitch who shared this. However, he had a word with the Youtuber and told his fans not to worry as he was okay. 

IShowSpeed’s reaction to the whole incident

Adin Ross had a similar experience on the August,7 which IShowSpeed had. However, the fans were eager to know why all this occurred and how the YouTuber is doing? Though, ther is no statement provided by the YouTuber himself. No one is clear about what happened and what was the scenario on that day?