What is happening between Singer Kehlani with Christian Walker?

Christian Walker Spat With Singer Kehlani Goes Viral

Credit: Dominique Charriau/WireImage and Instagram/christianwalk1r

Rumors are going on about a tiff between Christian Walker, the user of Tik Tok, and Kehlani.  The famous TikTok user, Christian Walker confronted the popular singer Kehlani. The TikTok user confronted her at the Starbucks driving area. He accused her of verbally harassing the TikTok user. After this news created a sensation about the harassment then the singer become popular. Now not so popular singer became popular and now she is in top search.

Kehlani also gave her response to the accusations that the TikTok user has put forward. This occurred after Kehlani uploaded clips of their meet.


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Do you know about Christian Walker?

Christian Walker is a 22-year-old son of Herschel Walker, who is a candidate for the Georgia Senate. According to Walker, he is a free speech radical on the contrary NY Post considers him a Conservative social media influencer on Twitter.

Christian admitted, during his sexual orientation class on 1st June 2022 that he feels inclined toward boys. However, he has declined this and said he is not gay. However, ironically when you go through his TikTok account, you will find him talking about his relationship with other men. He is quite popular on TikTok with followers of more than 131,000.

Additionally, he is not only a TikTok user but also has his own website. The site has quality products for sale that including mugs, T-shirts, and many more.

Why did Christian confront the singer Kehlani?

Christian Walker used his Instagram story to share clips of his encounter with Kehlani, at the drive-through of Starbucks. If no American flag was present at the shop, then, Walker offered to get the same one. However, before approaching the singer, who was waiting in her car. The car was present in front of the TikTok user’s car. After some time, the TikTok user alleged the singer calling him an “asshole” and warned the staff to keep safe.

While watching the video he was heard disrespecting the other person and giving verbal abuses. He also used Twitter to share his opinion and rant about the circumstances. The language was very aggressive and disrespectful in the same manner.


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What did Kehlani respond to?

While Kehlani shared a tweet from 2016, where Christian wrote “I adore Kehlani so much”. She ended everything by posting her selfie where she was pouting. She added that she was taking virtual therapy sessions all the time.