What is Hadi Matar? Who was the attacker of Salman Rushdie? 

salmam rusdie

  A man has been alleged for stabbing the author. Salman Rushdie is on stage on Friday, in New York, US. He is a 24-year-old man. According to the cops, the suspect behind the stabbing is Hadi Matar. He is 24 years old this news spread after the Indian-based author got attacked. Salman Rushdie is a 75-year-old man who was going to give his speech at a literary festival organized by Chautauqua Institution. This was going to happen during the first phase of the day when Hadi Matar intentionally rushed in front of the whole crowd and stabbed the author. He did it once at the neck and once at the stomach. This information is provided by Maj Eugene Staniszewski the cop major of New York. 

After he stabbed the author, the crowd present there with the institution staff available tackled Hadi Matar, The cop Maj Eugene included. An officer of the state and state sheriff’s deputy working security to the point came inside and imprisoned Hadi Matar immediately. The old author received first aid from the specialist who went to listen to Salman Rushdie’s speech. He treated him till the moment a helicopter group came to take him to the hospital, where he was given proper medical procedure.  

Who was Hadi Matar? Everything about the attacker. 

Hadi Matar, the attacker is a 24-year-old. He is accused of stabbing the famous author Salman Rushdie when he was there to give his speech in the United States. He was in a blink of an eye captured by the New York Police officers after the crime. Salman Rushdie has received Islamist death warnings for a pretty long time after stating ‘The Satanic Verses. He was slashed in the front of the crowd on Friday while he was there at the festival of the Chautauqua Institution in Western NY. 

Hadi Matar is said to be identified as the major main culprit behind the attack on the author Salman Rushdie. As per the information provided by Hadi Matar, climbed on stage within a few minutes after Salman Rushdie was introduced.  

If we give a review about Hadi Matar’s media account by the police in favor of Shia and is extremist. Also the reasons for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as per the direct information on NBC News.