What happened to Wren Eleanor, her mother under fire from netizens after putting the girl’s safety at risk 

Wren Eleanor

Credit: TikTok

Tiktok is a video-sharing platform, that figuratively speaking, gets a new video uploaded almost every second, and the content can range from absolutely hilarious and fun-loving to sometimes extremely dead serious and dark, though like every other platform, some content is sometimes so problematic that it invites the wrath of the users, as it appears, the TikTok account of Wren Eleanor is under fire from users for its content.

Who is Wren Eleanor?

The popular account on TikTok, going by the name of Wren Eleanor, which is managed by her mother is very famous, her mother Jaquelyn has gained this fame by constantly posting content on TikTok relating to her daughter or herself, the mother and daughter duo are very famous and the account on TikTok boasts a following of roughly 17 million, however recently, the account is under fire from netizens, more specifically people are criticizing the mother who appeared in the greed of milking more content has overlooked the safety standards for her daughter wren, in fact, the criticism was so much that in the end, the mother had to freeze the comments section on the clips of her account on TikTok.   


Why is the account of Wren Eleanor under fire?

As it appears, for more views and likes, the mother of Wren Eleanor has ignored the safety measures for daughter, she posted a video where her young daughter an be seen taking a bath, and that video alone has more views, saves and shares than any of her previous videos, this means that the content can be misused by wrong people.


The mother of Wren Eleanor reacts to the criticism 

While the tiktok users have criticized the mother of Wren and she has faced a lot of backlash for using her daughter for mere views, it appears she has chosen to maintain silence on the controversy.