What Happened On The Stage Of American Idol? Was John Mayer’s Song About Katy Perry, His Ex?

John Mayer's Song About Katy Perry

Something unusual happened on the American Idol stage on April 25, sparking speculation regarding judge Katy Perry’s love history with her ex-husband, John Mayer.


Fans are wondering if Noah Thompson’s song Heartbreak Warfare, which he played tonight, was written for Katy Perry by John.

As a result of the lack of explanation and obvious shame, several questions have been raised. So, when we reflect on John’s statement regarding his songs dedicated to his ex-wives, let us dissect the situation.


Mayer was aware that his admission would be published in tabloids, according to the New York Times, but the musician emphasised that the song is about more than his ex. However, it is his only recent connection to draw from. “It’s also a testimonial to the fact that I haven’t dated a lot of folks within last five to six years,” he continued. 

What Happened On The American Idol Stage?

During tonight’s Top 11 performance episode, the contestants were given the task of choosing one of three songs chosen by the judges, with no awareness of who chose what.

Katy’s brow twisted with embarrassment when Noah reacted, and she went on to say, “Noah, I feel like you should Wikipedia me,” before adding, “I’m triggered!” It was then revealed that Katy Perry had no involvement, Luke Bryan chose John’s song and.

Is the song about John Mayer’s ex-girlfriend?

Mayer has composed songs about the women he has previously dated. According to sources, he wrote “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” a song about his then-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt, in 2002. 

In interviews, such as this one with the New York Times, Mayer has always been candid about his previous relationships. In a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, he discussed his relationship with Jennifer Aniston and how it still affects him.

There were claims that the singer was referring to his then-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston when the song was first released.


Furthermore, in an interview with Playboy, the singer declared that he does not need to write songs to “stick it to my exes.”


He commented at the time, “When people hear the record, I hope the songs make them think about their lives, not mine.”


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Orlondo Bloom is Katy Perry’s fiancée.

Katy is engaged to Orlondo Bloom, for those who are unaware. The duo are together from 2016. Daisy Dove Bloom, the couple’s daughter, was born in August.

Russel Brand was her previous husband. Their marriage lasted about 14 months after a Hindu wedding ceremony in India in 2009.