What Did The Birds Aren’t Real Team Say On 60 Minutes About Peter Mcindoe?

Peter Mcindoe


Some facts concerning the “Birds Aren’t Real” movement, which owes its success to its originator Peter McIndoe, were recently exposed. While McIndoe did make an appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The inception of the movement, as well as all of the fascinating details about it, stunned everyone. But what did McIndoe have to say at the 60-minute mark?

What is Peter McIndoe’s background?

Peter McIndoe isn’t exactly a household name. His conspiracy theory movement, on the other hand, began in 2017. He had certainly left an impression on everyone. The Birds Aren’t Real movement made him famous. His life and history, on the other hand, are still shrouded in secrecy. His Instagram account has a following of around 8,000 people.


He was a University of Arkansas student. His participation on CBS’s 60 Minutes show, however, has thrust him back into the spotlight. Not to mention, McIndoe discussed his popular Birds Aren’t Real campaign there.


On CBS’ 60 Minutes, what did Peter McIndoe say?

For one reason or another, conspiracy theories have gone widespread on the internet. When Peter McIndoe’s Birds Aren’t Real was re-released in 2017, it undoubtedly grabbed the internet by storm. Peter also spoke about it recently on CBS’s 60 Minutes broadcast. Birds Aren’t Genuine was attempting to convey that the birds we see aren’t real, but that the government has dispatched drones to keep an eye on us.


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That’s what it was attempting to convey. However, we were able to get Peter McIndoe to reveal his plans. Peter did state on CBS’s 60 Minutes that it was a spoof, but it turned out that the birds weren’t real and that the drones were. However, there was something intriguing about the conspiracy notion that Peter had mentioned on the television.


The motivation behind the Birds Aren’t Real campaign

At 60 minutes, Peter said Birds Aren’t Real as “simply a spoof” meant to show the ridiculousness of misperception and conspiracy. He went on to argue that it’s more important to make people laugh than to make them believe it’s true and then be terrified of it. Peter also spoke extensively about his life in his interview with Sharyn Alfonsi.

He said that he grew up in a fundamentalist community. He was dealing with a plethora of conspiracy ideas. The interview then went on to discuss how he came up with the bizarre Birds Aren’t Real slogan during a protest, which had nothing to do with protest but ended up becoming extremely popular.