Video of a Security guard crying at Kendrick Lamar’s concert goes viral on TikTok


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella and TikTok

 In one of the concerts of the singer Kendrick Lamar, a member of the security detail present at the venue broke into tears, this moment was caught on camera, and in no time the video began to trend and went viral on the video sharing app of TikTok, it was a heartwarming moment and the netizens can’t help but get all crazy about it 

The security guard breaks into tears at Kendrick Lamar’s performance 

A lot of music concerts, festivals, and world tours by many musicians are happening all around the globe this time since the last two years had been all but wasted thanks to the pandemic, among the long lists of music events, Kendrick Lamar too had a concert, it was being hosted in Houston, Texas, at the concert, Kendrick Lamar could be seen singing his most popular songs to the cheers and roars of his fans that had come to see him, while he was singing the song ‘Love’ for the crowd, a member of the security detail who was present at the venue reacted in such a way that he caught the attention of several people present as the audience, in the video that is circulating online, the guard can be seen breaking down into tears and began outright sobbing.  

The reaction of the security guard to his viral video at Kendrick Lamar’s concert

Even the security guard soon came across the viral clip that featured him crying at the concert of Kendrick Lamar as the singer performed his famous song love for the crowd, he said that he is a fan of Kendrick Lamar and his works and was thoroughly enjoying himself that day, it was the tears of joy for the security guard to catch his favorite singer perform live. 


Netizens react to the video of security guard crying at the concert of Kendrick Lamar 

Many Netizens said about how the security guard was delighted and how he was actually being paid to be present at these concerts.