VIDEO: Mass fight on the Carnival Cruise ship goes Viral

Credit: Christina Mendenhall | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Last Tuesday, that was on the 28th of June, a massive fight allegedly erupted on the Carnival Magic, the cruise ship Carnival, the first reports about the incident were covered by Fox news.

The daily mail claims that at its peak, there were around as many as 40 to 60 people at each other’s throats involved in those fights, it all began between two people who were accusing each other of cheating.

The fight got so intense that the US Coast Guard needed to intervene, the fight began in the nightclub and Casino of the Carnival magic.


The fight at the carnival Ship

Around 2 am near the nightclub area of the carnival ship, two individuals began the fight and soon enough a lot of people were dragged in, the fight was witnessed by many, one of whom narrated an account to fox news, he told that fight broke out because of a supposed threesome, the partners were all very angry that they were being cheated on, he said he saw broken beer bottles being outrightly used as weapons and a lady might have been cut after she called them out as dumb idiots and how the security of the ship has responsibly handled the situation.

When things spiraled out of control, the security went to call the coast guard.

 New York Police to Investigate the fight on the Cruise Ship

The US Coast Guard escorted the boat to the Manhattan port since it was on the last leg of its journey, the NYPD has began its investigation in the matter, although it is doubtful if any of involved have been arrested yet, if the ship was in international waters, then Marshal Law might have been invoked, nothing can be said with certainty till Police completes its investigation .