TikToker Hannah Stella parts ways with husband Patrick Stella

TikToker Hannah Stella


In recent news, Tiktoker Hannah Stella has reportedly split with her husband Patrick Stella, as painful as it is for her, Hannah took to Social Media and shared about her separation from her husband Patrick Stella, what made the couple part ways? Read to find out.

Who is Hannah Stilla?

Hannah Stella is a professional real estate agent who is in her 30s, although her career is not what has made her popular, her content and videos on social media have gotten her a lot of fame, and she maintains a presence on the video-sharing app of TikTok and has rapidly increased following, which is already close to roughly around 163k, although she and her husband Patrick had been married for about three years he was rarely seen in any videos with her.


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Why is Hannah splitting from their Husband?

Hannah had been very popular on the video-sharing service Tiktok, so when her latest video on the app featured her in a very sad and tearful condition, she talked about how she was feeling after the split, after being three years with him, it was a very painful experience for her, she talked about how one should never share too much for the partner to stay happy, but should also not hide everything inside which will later explode like a time bomb.

@hannahstellaI love you guys. Whether you chose to respect my privacy or not i hope youll respect him. Xx♬ original sound – Hannah Stella


Although Patrick never featured much in the videos of his former wife, little is known about it, Although to maintain the privacy of the couple, Hannah refused to make public the reasons about why she and her husband were splitting ways, saying that it was not a very moral thing to do, making personal details of a couple public like this