TikTok: What is Kim Kardashian’s and Northwest Minion Makeup on TikTok?

Kim Kardashian and North West


Anything can become a trend and millions of people start trying it. Northwest trend turns the latest going viral minion make-up to try on Kim Kardashian. The star Kim Kardashian has always been popular. However, recently we can see that Kim Kardashian and her daughter are trying the popular Northwest make-up trend that is going on TikTok. Now, we can say that no one can escape him/herself from the trends that are going on, on TikTok, not even famous personalities. 

However, give this article a thorough reading to know what the Northwest trend is along with which you will also get to know about the make-up for mom and daughter duo. 

Northwest trend and Kim Kardashian

Who is not aware of Kim Kardashian and her family? The Kim Kardashians are very popular online, even though they have their own show. Kim Kardashian’s children are also very famous online, and they follow new trends that are going on. She has four kids and the eldest one is called North, who we can say is much more like her father Kanye West. The eldest son, North is also a trendsetter just like her parents. North and her mother, Kim both have created a TikTok account together. 


The account is called ‘Kim and North’ last year 2021. Since they created the account, they have tried to be regular in posting different trending videos on TikTok. Recently, they have posted one more video which is taking the hearts of all their fans. The video solely has many millions of views within a few days. 

Mom Kim turned into a minion by Northwest

We all are aware of how famous the minions are on social media. The minions gained immense popularity when the characters were seen in The Despicable Me sequences of movies. The popularity was so high that it gave a fictional animated character to set multiple trends on TikTok and other social media platforms. One recent trend is the Minion make-up trend. This trend even reached the doors of Kim as Kim and North tried to recreate this trend as well. Northwest transformed himself into a make-up artist for his mother Kim Kardashian. As her daughter applied make-up to her and made her resemble a minion. 


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This video of the duo is going rounds and rounds on the internet and gaining immense love from the fans. The video was trending on TikTok. Post the make-up of Kim, she gets her face colored yellow. She to give it a more real feel of a minion also had her lips and eyes colored yellow.