TikTok: The new viral Eel Pit Guy. All you need to know. 

Eel Pit Guy

TikTok is a hub of daily viral content and recently this new Eel Pit guy is all over the internet. The popularity of TikTok has increased massively but along with it, each single day people on TikTok are also gaining their own popularity. This time this Eel Pit Guy has attracted the attention of the internet.

 Who is this viral Eel Pit guy?

In the ocean of content on TikTok, the viral content is what skyrockets the popularity of the app itself. Though this time, it’s not any of the trends which made this guy viral, it’s the pet he has. He is a TikTok user who has an Eel fish as a pet and that is the reason why this trend is named the Eel Pit guy trend.


The name of this TikTok user is however not the Eel fish but CowTurtle. But the users have already given him the nickname of Eel Pit guy or Eel Daddy.

What made his video viral?

The viral TikTok user initially posted the video of his news house which was having a cistern. It was filled with water for the house. the most interesting part was when the guy went ahead and said that he wanted to have eels in it which made him go viral on TikTok


the user then did what he wanted. He put the fish into the cistern which became the point of attraction for all the users. The Internet was flooded with his videos and the guy and his fish became insanely popular. All the users wanted to see the fish.

The reaction of the users 

Everyone loved the videos of the cute yet intriguing fish. It was very evident that the internet loves such interesting new things going viral.