TikTok: “The Greddy” dance became viral on social media. Here’s how Joey Votto made it memorable for this young fan

A young girl who is a fan of MLB player Joey Votto recently got the chance of making a TikTok video with her star and Joey Votto made the fan immensely happy by fulfilling her this desire. This moment was one of those celebrities making and fulfilling the wishes of their fans. The young fan might not have ever imagined that this dream of her meeting her favorite player and, on top of that, making a TikTok with him, will ever come true. How was she able to do this?

Fan asked Joey to Make a TikTok and he said YES!

Everyone like MLB players and fans loves to see them play. This young girl was recently seen in a stadium where Joey Votto’s team, Cincinnati Red was playing and competing in a match. There she got the chance to make her dream come true by meeting her favorite player and making a TikTok with him.

This young girl has a beautiful name Jean Parks, she was standing with her brother among the crowd while everyone was cheering for their teams. She had a placard with her which wrote if Joey Votto can make a TikTok with her.


Joey Votto’s small effort made this fan immensely happy.

Everyone desires to meet their favorite star, celebrity, or player but everyone is not that fortunate. This young girl was able to attract the attention of her favorite player and the player was a very kind and considerate person who loved the fan and created this small TikTok with her. While many players or celebrities might not like to do these things, Joey is one of those star players who love their fans and are willing to make them happy with their efforts.