The viral emoji acting challenge on TikTok explained 

TikTok: emoji acting challenge and Video explored

Credit: TikTok

TikTok is a place where the most ridiculous and weird content can get famous, the variety and range in what can get trending is very large, however, now there is a new trend that is rapidly gaining in popularity and is going viral with tremendous speed across the platform, a lot of people are now making multiple clips of them as they try out the new trend of emoji acting on the platform of TikTok, what is so special about it that it has so many people trying it out? Who knows that even you like it and then would want to try it out for yourself?


As the name suggests, in this viral trend that is rapidly gaining popularity on TikTok, the emoji acting challenge on TikTok, while making your clip you are to record yourself while you are given a set of random emojis which you have to imitate while recording yourself, the videos made on this trend have gone into thousands already and are still rising rapidly in popularity and numbers.

The reason for the popularity of the emoji acting trend 

The trend of acting the emoji on the screen is going viral on TikTok and is rapidly gaining numbers and views on the application already, we can guess that the reason for this popularity is that we are surrounded by emojis, everywhere, on every possible platform of the social media, these emojis are now a very large and significant part of our lives.


The reaction of users to the emoji acting trend 

As the trend of acting the emoji on the screen constantly rises in numbers and views, many on the platform have loved it well enough to try out the trend themselves, we see a lot of people trying the trend of acting the emoji on the screen, some users are taking it to another level as the select and act out the emojis in an effort to narrate a short story.