The release date for the 6th season of rick and Morty confirmed 

Rick and Morty Season 6

Roughly a year has passed since we last saw the grandfather-grandson duo, Rick and Morty, in their previous appearance in the fifth season of the show, however, it’s good news for all the fans of the show since it’s all set to return with the sixth season very soon.

The release date for the 6th season of Rick and Morty

In recent news, Adult Swim, the network which owns the rights to the hit show Rick and Morty revealed that we will be able to see the adventures and the fun stuff of Rick Sanchez and his grandfather Morty in a new season, this news was confirmed by Adult Swim on the Wednesday that went by, which was the 27th of July.

The premiere of the sixth season of the hit comedy sci-fi show Rick and Morty is all set to release at 11 pm according to eastern time, the show is to hit the TV screens on the 4th of September, this news was revealed on the official Twitter account of the rick and Morty show.

In the photo that was posted on the official Twitter handle of the hit sitcom Rick and Morty, we could see that as the duo are flexing their six-pack abs, it is captioned as ripped and ready for the new season.

The president of the network adult swim Micheal Ouweleen, issued a statement regarding the return of the show for its sixth season, he said that the fans should keep their eyes peeled and ears open since they are holding a surprise for the viewers which was promised to be fun.

The plot for the sixth season of rick and morty 

With the ending of the fifth season which could be best classified as a cliff hanger, we are expecting that the sixth season of the rick and morty show will pick up from where it left and tie up lose ends before starting a new storyline.