The private viral video of Yung Gravy is creating a buzz

Yung Gravy

Leaked tapes are trending on the internet. These videos are taking over the internet nowadays. The Rapper Yung Gravy has now taken over the internet with a leaked video of him. He was seen having a close intimate gesture with a woman, in the video. She also becomes the talk of the town. 

Yung Gravy’s video on Twitter

Yung Gravy is now part of a scandal after a leaked video on Twitter. This video landed him up to a scandalous part after the video having him was uploaded. The video was posted on 16th July 2022. The clip also featured showing the rapper being intimate with a woman. Henceforth, the video created a buzz on several social media platforms. 

According to the reports, an unknown user known as bartholomew0794 uploaded the video. They uploaded the shady video on their site. This made them receive hikes in their follower’s list. Now his popularity increased from around 6.4 thousand likes to 952 shares and 628 responses. 

What was the reaction of fans?

After the incident, Twitter fans seemed to get divided about their opinion of the scandalous video of Yung Gravy. Hundreds of fans came forward to support Yung Gravy, who is 26 years old. They commented in support that the video was wrong, as it was invading someone’s personal life. 

Another fan wrote that the whole scenario of Yung Gravy was very awkward for him. He said it was not looking consensual, the rapper seemed rather upset. Adding to that he said it was invading the privacy of a star. The internet is now obsessed with violating people’s rights and circulating their private lives among the public. 

Also, some fans said that the thing is very private. It is very disappointing that the video is aired and became so popular. We need to understand what privacy is. 

What was Yung Gravy’s response to the video? 

As per the information, Yung Gravy was already aware of the situation happening. We can find this as per the recent messages. The rapper took the platform of Instagram and TikTok in the form of a story. He in a subtle manner gave his opinions on the present situation. He was very disappointed manner and said that this is how it goes. 

He also showed support for one of his fans where the fan wrote you cannot circulate a video without prior permission. He liked the same comment.