The American singer and songwriter Hardy is now recovering from the injuries caused by the bus accident.


Hardy (pictured in August) was involved in a tour bus collision Sunday outside of Nashville, Tennessee. (Terry Wyatt)

The American songwriter Hardy is now discharged from the hospital after his accident happens near Nashville.

what happened in the bus crash?

The American songwriter Hardy was released from the hospital on Sunday morning with some significant injuries after his tour bus crashed near Nashville 

Hardy said that I will like to thank the patrolling team as immediately after the bus crash, the incident was reported to Tennessee Highway Patrol officials and confirmed that a tour bus crash happened near around 2:30 am on interstate 40 West.

Hardy shared an Instagram post just after getting discharged from the hospital.

In the post, Hardy said that following that last night’s show we get into an accident with our tour bus on our way home, I was there with my team we all hot significant injuries, he also mentioned although I am released from the hospital still it will take some weeks to recover.

In the post, Hardy also said that please pray for us and our friends and the bus driver too as we are released from the hospital but he is still there.

Hardy, promise his fan that he will share every single update with them.

That night Hardy was performing a show at the Country thunder Bristol, with Jason Aldean, Lauren Alaina, Tracy Lawrence and Wallen.

Hardy said that I will make everyone updated about the accident, but if you people included are road family in your prayer, Hardy even thanked the medic, locals and the officials for their help and quick response.

Hardy is a very big singer and songwriter he still has a lot of performances this month but it is all unclear after the bus crash that will Harry be able to perform, to know what will happen next stay connected.