Shane Dawson talks about being cancelled by the Internet in 2020

Shane Dawson Dead

Photo by Terence Patrick/Contour by Getty Images

Back in the year 2020, Shane Dawson, a YouTuber from the United States of America, saw the effects of the new and rapidly rising cancel culture of the internet when he suffered the wrath of the netizens after his name had appeared in the headlines for a lot of controversies, now roughly two years down the line, Shane thinks that whatever happened was for the good of him and he is actually glad about being cancelled.

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is a YouTuber who hails from the united states of America, Dawson is a name he adopted for the platform, otherwise, his full name is Shane Lee Yaw, he entered the world of youtube in the year 0f 2008, when the platform was in its infancy days, two years down the line, by the end of 2010, Shane had gathered a sizable following on his youtube channel, and his content, which mostly consisted of the Sketch comedy videos he would create, was well loved by the audience, apart from creating funny sketches, he would also create mimicry video of various celebrities and personalities from around the globe, however, Shane wasn’t always famous for his humorous content, he was badly criticized and was under fire from the public for the racial and stereotypical nature of the comedy videos he made, and with the rising cancel culture around the world, it wasn’t wrong before Shane Dawson was cancelled by the internet users.

Shane Dawson reacts to being cancelled 

The racial nature of the comedy videos of Shane dawson and his constant use of the N word, which is deemed as offensive to the people from the black community, although this wasn’t the sole reason for which the youtuber was cancelled, he had embroiled himself in several other controversies, back in 2013, while appearing in his own podcast Shane and Friends, he had made some very disturbing remarks about Pedophilia, all this was enough for him to be cancelled.