Renaissance, the new album by Beyonce leaked two days before its release 


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Renaissance, the most awaited album of the singer Beyonce, which was scheduled for public release in the coming two days, has been leaked on the internet, much to the annoyance of the singer.

Beyonce’s upcoming album leaked online 

While the original date for the release for the new album of Beyonce, titled Renaissance, was all set for Thursday, but if the recent reports from are to believed, then the album is already available in the CD format across multiple regions of Europe, as per the claims made by Variety, the album which was made available in FLAC files of high quality, began to appear in the market in CD formats roughly two days before the release of the album, Renaissance was supposed to be special since this would have Beyonce first full length solo album after the hit she gave by Lemonade roughly 6 years ago.

Fans react to the leak of Beyonces new album renaissance 

Despite the fact that the fans of the singer Beyonce were waiting for a long time to treat their ears with the music from the new album of their favorite star, they are requesting everyone on the internet to avoid the pirated and leaked copies of the songs and instead wait for the song to be officially released.

Many are actually annoyed by the fact that it Was leaked like this just barely 36 hours before the official release, the fans are saying that the people who are listening to the unofficial release of the song cannot be the true fans and supporters of the singer Beyonce and instead they should wait out for the official release, they go on to mention that how Beyonce has put two years of hard work into this and people should learn to respect the artist by waiting for the album to actually release.

More on Renaissance, the new album by Beyonce 

As far as what we know already, the album will consist of about 16 songs, one of which, Break my Soul, dropped in the month of June on the 20th.