Police no longer investigating the case of Anne Heche’s car crash

Police no longer investigating the case of Anne Heche’s car crash

Credit: Deadline

In recent news, American Actress Anne Heche was declared dead in a hospital after she had suffered from brain death due to being involved in a terrible car crash in the city of Los Angeles, although she is currently still on the life support system of the hospital and is possibly still being evaluated in the list of pending organ donors, the authorities had been investigating the details of the crash but now it seems that they are stopping their efforts due to Anne Heche being declared dead by the hospital.

In a statement issued by the officers of the Police Department of the city of Los Angeles, they made it clear that there will be no more investigation in the case of the car accident of Anne Heche, and that the attempts made by the police will stop, although any evidence or records that were requested beforehand will still be collected as part of formalities when they are made available to the department of the police.

How did Anne Heche die?

On the fifth of august, which was the previous Friday, Anne Heche, who had been seen behind the steering wheel of a blue mini cooper, it is said that her car had crashed into a home in the city of Los Angeles and fire could be seen coming from the vehicle, she had been taken to the hospital for instant medical attention by professionals as her body had many serious burns, on the 12th of August, that was the Friday that went by, the family of Anne Heche revealed about her death in an official statement, it detailed how it is a loss for everyone in the family, how she had been a wonderful mother, loving wife, and caring daughter, her loss will be felt by all for a long time to come