Paul McCartney makes a triumphant return: he performs duets with John Lennon and pays tribute to George Harrison at the joyous tour


Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Paul McCartney brought John Lennon back to life with the help of his pal, director Peter Jackson. The 79-year-old rock legend kicked off his “Get Back” tour with a performance at the Spokane Arena on Thursday evening. For a duet on the song, he was joined by a very special guest. “I’ve got a hunch.” “The Beatles: Get Back,” Jackson’s Disney+ documentary, showed footage of John Lennon, who died in 1980 at the age of 40, on a big screen while the British singer sang.


What did Paul McCartney say to the audience?

The two sang alongside each other to start off the new tour. “Peter Jackson, the famous director texted me one day. He responds, ‘We can extract John Lennon’s voice.’ “He can sing with you live,” Paul McCartney said after the performance to the adoring throng. His other popular tunes included “Getting Better,” “You Never Give Me Your Money,” and “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.” It was John Lennon’s first performance since the coronavirus epidemic two years ago. He said to come back, and we did and truly speaking it feels so cool. “You’ll have to leave me alone for a bit just to take it all in.”

In 1968, John Lennon had a news conference along with Paul McCartney.

He will be in Seattle and Oakland, California, in the coming days as part of his vacation, which will extend through June. Before starting his current tour, the father of five made an impassioned plea to Starbucks, urging that they no longer charge an extra cost for plant-based milk. He chastised the expensive coffee chain’s CEO Kevin Johnson in an open letter to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals last month.


“My pals at PETA are pushing for this,” he wrote in the memo, which was first published. He also wrote that you would definitely implement this policy for sake of animal welfare and planet’s. “It suddenly occurred to me that in the United States, Starbucks charges a higher premium for plant-based milk than for cow’s milk,” he said. “I must say, this surprised me,” he said, pointing out that strange milk substitutes are not charged at Starbucks stores in his home nation of the United Kingdom. “I humbly request that you also look at this policy in Starbucks USA.”