Nicole Kidman gets trolled by the people for the same dress that Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa receive love for.

Dua Lipa

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Social media or the internet is an unpredictable platform where we don’t know what will happen next. The same goes for Nicole Kidman, the metallic dress that she carried was trolled by the netizens. However, when Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian carried similar metallic dresses in the past they were highly praised.

Nicole Kidman faced a lot of retaliation for the dress that she wore at the Paris Fashion Week. It was her debut runway for the Wednesday show of Balenciaga Couture.


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The reason why Nicole Kidman faced backlash on social media

Nicole cut a dash on Wednesday when she walked on the runway. The infamous Oscar winner model Nicole had put on one should metallically gown with a flowing train and few details in her middle piece. She complemented her attire with the long black gloves and needle-like stilettos.

The more than 50-year-old, Australian star became the target of the trollers and turned heads for her forceful robotic walking style.

What netizens commented on Nicole Kidman’s attire?

The Australian star received backlash for wearing the silver dress.

One user commented that Dua’s lips have a gorgeous Grecian-inspired gown while Kim Kardashian has a Kim dress style. On the other hand, Nicole got a king-size blanket which is not appropriate for her. Another critic commented on the walking style by comparing it as if they have woken from the grave

Being a fan of Kim Kardashian one user commented that if they think Kim’s walk was not appropriate then should check Nicole’s walk for the same.

Users also trolled the designer of the metallic dress by saying it seems like an emergency aluminium dress.

There were another bunch of people who said it’s unrealistic that Nicole made the aluminium dress look gorgeous.

Some also commented by saying whether people gave their extra foil to Nicole Kidman to wear?

She no doubt faced lots of criticism and got trolled for her attire.

What netizens commented on Kim Kardashian’s dress and Dua Lipa’s attire?

Netizens showered their love on their attire which was very much similar to Nicole Kidman’s. They compared them to the ‘iconic’ star, who have their style to carry everything and make it look good.

Kardashian donned a full-length body-hugging attire. Her attire was an all-black metallic finish.