Nicki Minaj’s ex-assistant hidden secrets about the singer

Nicki Minaj’s alleged ex-assistant

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Social media is a platform where one thing or another can become a trending topic within seconds. Nicki Minaj is making a buzz on social media platforms nowadays. This happened after Kate Miller, an Instagram user made claims about the singer. The user, Kate Miller claimed to be the ex-assistant of the singer/rapper. The user also disclosed some dirty secrets and actions about the singer. 

Nicki’s former assistant claims on the rapper

Recently, out of nowhere, the former assistant of the singer Nicki Minaj gave shocking revelations about the singer. Kate Miller made a row of dirty laundry deeds against the rapper. Kate gave the information through her Instagram account. 

This began when Kate Miller, on her Instagram story said. Nicki fired her assistant and now she is going to reveal it all. This gave rise to a series of IG posts where Kate discussed the Anaconda’s, the singer’s on and off drama. The drama is with Cardi B. Kate Miller also said that is her fault that the artists have their amount pending to the IRS. She also gave a few pieces of evidence to support her claim. She also revealed that her husband Kenneth Petty is having extra-marital affairs on some other topics. She also posted a few more stories after that. She furthermore said in her follow-up story that she is Onika’s former assistant, who has fired her from her job. She also said that there is no evidence of any kind of fraud that she has committed with her bank account. 

She also revealed that she is now disclosing all the files that she is going to disclose. Along with that, she is attaching the audio files. Voice messages are not only related to Cardi B but many more too. 

Kate Miller further went to a stage where she also tagged Minaj and wrote, that she knows she won’t sue her because she has all the evidence. She has everything in the video. She also said the incident when Kenneth pushed her off the lodge. Another post stated that she has tax refunds for the year 2021. She further revealed when we are going to let Barbz know that she owed IRS 173million. She owed since the year 2016.  

What is Nicki Minaj’s response?

Nicki Minaj through Instagram addressed the allegations put by Kate Miller against her. Furthermore, the popular singer refused to agree to all the allegations put forward by her former assistant.