New York City Judge Leticia Ramirez lets go man caught with arms and 500 rounds of ammo

ObamaDClubUptown via Youtube

It appears that a judge from the city of New York, who goes by the name of Leticia Ramirez, is now in the limelight after she let go of a man from the Bronx area after he had been caught red-handed when he was in possession of an illegal firearm and disturbingly high amounts of rounds of ammunition for it.

Ramirez grants plea for supervised release

On Sunday that went by, that was, the 31st of July, Leticia Ramirez, a judge from the city of New York had granted the plea for supervised release of Matthew Velardo, the man who was found with a .22 rifle with roughly about 500 rounds of ammunition for it in the in his vehicle, it would be worth mentioning that this won’t be the first act of generosity by Judge Ramirez towards criminal suspects on the day, you would be surprised to know that judge Leticia Ramirez had released another person who was suspected for murder on a bail plea of 5000 dollars.

Matthew Velardo arrested 

After a .22 rifle and about 500 rounds of ammunition for the same were found in the trunk of the vehicle of Matthew Velardo, he was quickly taken into police custody by the troopers of the state, and the charges of criminal weapon usage were leveled quickly on him, the office of the attorney of the Bronx district Darcel Clark had demanded that Velardo should be held for bail of about 50k dollars, and in secure bond of 150000 dollars, but judge Ramirez had none of it and let the man go, the demands of the District attorney’s office fell on deaf ears.

If we start to dig deeper, we will find that the New York city Judge Leticia Ramirez has this very uncanny habit of showing mercy and generosity to the people who have been accused of serious criminal charges, the other day, she had been easy on a 54-year old shopkeeper who had been charged with manslaughter, criminal weapon usage among others.