New Certifications for blackpink and BTS for streaming in Japan 

It’s a good day for all K pop fans as the popular bands BTS and Blackpink have finally been given a gold certificate for streaming in Japan, although these two names have been leading in the K pop music industry for a very long period of time, this year they have managed to get official recognition as they get a gold streaming certificate in the country of Japan.

Official Gold Certification to BTS and Blackpink in Japan.

The list of official certifications has been released by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, the level of your certification there simply is directly proportional to the number of streams an album has, the higher the number of streams, the better the certification, a number over 30 million streams mean a silver, above 50 million means gold while above 100 million clearly earns you a Platinum certificate.

Since the previous addition of counting online streams as well, that the Recording Industry Association of Japan made in 2020, so when the list for this year’s certifications were released on the 27th of June, we had the names of BTS and blackpink there.

New batch of Certification of Recording Industry Association of Japan 

Among the list of popular artists and music bands, we’ve got top names like BTS, blackpink and twice, this isn’t the first time these top dogs of their fields have got a certification from the Recording Industry of Japan, Crystal Snow was one of the previous albums that got featured in this certifications, Blackpink were mentioned in this list for the album that got them debuted is the album BOOMBAYAH.

TWICE  and their platinum certification

Both BTS and Blackpink are surging in popularity all around the globe, though with passing they find a very strong challenger to their positions in the form of the music band TWICE, there English song The Feels recently earned the TWICE got them a platinum certification