Netizens were awestruck after seeing Dexter, a dog walking on two legs. 

Netizens are inspired by Dexter

Credit: CBS News

Internet Users are left amazed after seeing a dog who goes by the name of Dexter, who is surprising everyone with his ability to walk on two legs like a man.

Who is Dexter, the dog who can walk like a human? 

In the latest episode of CBS Sunday Morning Show, a dog was featured who amazed everyone with his ability to walk on its hind legs like a human, this dog goes by the name of Dexter.

Dexter, who is a bicolor, Brittany Spaniel, is a very cute and adorable dog who hails from Ouray, Colorado, and lives with his owner Kentee Pasek.

Kente Pasek, a resident of Ouray, Colorado and the owner of the now-famous dog Dexter, who has the surprising ability to walk on its two hind legs which makes him walk like a human, Kentee claims that this is not a trick that she had drilled into the mind of Dexter, but rather it is his own survival mindset that has triggered him to walk on his hind legs, which resulted due to the near-death experience for the dog. Dexter who is from a breed of dogs that are naturally known for their active and energetic lifestyle, stands out due to his characteristics.


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What had happened with Dexter

Kentee recounts the tragic tale of how her dog Dexter got his ability to walk on his hind legs, she tells that when Dexter was a young pup, he had ran out of her yard and had escaped into the traffic, a car had hit him and had injured his front legs, they were severely damaged. 

Kentee also told that the dog had also used a wheelchair for a while until one day he would walk upto her on his hind legs without requiring any support.

Dexter is regularly taken to the Vets for checks ups and they say he will be happy and active, now that six years have passed since the incident, Dexter is a famous personality in town and also among the tourists.