Netflix Resident Evil Star wishes Milla Jovovich’s Alice for a comeback in the second season

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Resident Evil has received lots of love from people, however, there is no official news regarding the second season. People want to have season two and waiting for Netflix’s confirmation. You can find season one on Netflix with all the episodes. However, now the wait is for season 2 to stream. 

Resident Evil, which is regarded as a video game by critics is now a live version provided by Netflix. The theme follows the relocation of a family, where the father was portrayed by Lance Reddick (Albert Rudolph), who is working in the Umbrella Organization. Along with their father, Adeline Rudolph (Billie), and Ella Balinska (Jade). They are now located in New Racoon City, with the show following the track of The Lore of various video games. The series shows the breakout of Zombies due to T-Virus. 

One celebrity showed his wish for the second season’s track, streaming service can make a good career for games.  

Who is Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil?

Albert Wesker who plays in the Resident Evil series on Netflix is portrayed by Lance Reddick. He spoke frankly about the crucial roles he wants to see in season 2 of the program.  He also candidly accepted the fact that he has less knowledge about computer games, however, he also accepted the fact that he has built some curiosity about the games. This happened after he saw Milla Jovovich, she was the former actress in movies who played the role of Alice. 

Lance Reddick, wished to show his interest in the characters also waiting for the show’s season 2. According to his words, he can get acquainted with the games. 


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What is the issue with this? Milla Jovovich, who played the role of Alice, is the first lead role woman in the Resident Evil live-action adaptation.  Its final chapter came to the public in the year 2016, which was marked as Jovovich’s formal goodbye to the part of Alice. Adding to that, the coming Netflix adaptation is expected to offer her a part, or we can say there is a return of her role as Alice from the real film. 

However, Netflix has not made any announcement for season 2 yet. People are waiting for the second season. Also, there might be the entry of Alice in the coming season if it airs.