Music Band Blackpink makes reference to Rihanna in their new song Pink Venom

Blackpink’s Pink Venom

Recently, the new song of the south Korean Music girl Band Blackpink, which is titled Pink Venom and is gaining quite popularity among their fans, but what is even more interesting is that, in their new song that just dropped, they’ve made a reference to an old song of the western singer Rihana, which has the title Pon de Replay.

Pon De Replay by Rihanna inspiration for Pink Venom

The south Korean girl group Blackpink recently released their new song Pink Venom which is also the top song in their upcoming album Born Pink, despite the fact that the girl group Blackpink enjoys a lot of popularity in their own right in the k pop industry and has a global fan base around the world, their new song Pink Venom is now trending on the internet for a very different reason altogether, it appears that an old song of the singer Rihanna, called Pon De Replay, which had released in the year 2005, that is roughly 17 years back, it appears that many people are tracing the connections and origins of Pink Venom, the latest song released by the Blackpink, which is a part of the album Born Pink, to the old song of Rihanna, the lyrics from the 2005 song are referred by the girl group in their own song, and Pink Venom has now crossed over about 14 million views.

Fans react to the black pink’s reference to Rihanna

When it became clear that there are references to Pon De Replay by Rihanna in the new song of Black Pink, fans of both musicians went crazy over the internet to voice their excitement.