Mark Zuckerberg showed his resentment towards Meta vacation question when asked by an employee

mark zuckerberg

Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

The famous Mark Zuckerberg recently showed his resentment towards something. He showed this animosity towards the paid vacation days question when asked by a worker. 

The employee raised a question regarding the Meta Vacation. 

Here is something you need to know about it.  

Why was Mark Zuckerberg irritated by a question from an employee?

On 30th June 2022, Mark Zuckerberg held a question-answer round with his employees. This was a virtual meeting where he gave answers to all the pre-recorded queries. During the meeting, an employee from Chicago questioned ‘Meta Days’ Mark Zuckerberg. He asked about supplementary time relaxation that was provided due to the increase of the Covid-19 lockdown that will continue till next year. 

The question came when Mark Zuckerberg, gave his opinion on how the financial market gets affected due to the global economy. The boss of Facebook further added this can be one of the nastiest and most terrible downturns that we have observed.

In response to the question asked by the employee, Gary the CEO of Fb gave a cold-blooded response by saying as you can observe from my tone for the rest of the questions, we can imagine my reaction will be. The 38-year-old billionaire also said Meta, will be improving the standards for his staff members. He also disclosed why they will be firing all the workers who are not able to meet the new set limits.  

The tech God further said sarcastically that there are plenty of undeserving people at the organization. They should not be here. He further said he wants to have increased expectations and hardworking goals. He wants to increase the level of working to gear up the employees. Workers will themselves realize this is not the correct platform for them. He also said this realization is good and he doesn’t have any issue with it. 

What reaction did the Meta staffers give to this comment from Zuckerberg?

After the meeting, the internal messaging site became the hub for conversations for the employees. Some employees took their internal messaging platform called Workplace about Mark’s plans. One staff vented his anger by asking other colleagues that did Mark meant many people who are here don’t deserve to be here.

On the other hand, some employees pointed out the change in speaking tone that billionaires had. Another showed support for the young billionaire by stating that the current scenario is a battlefield, so we need to buckle up like a battlefield only.