Logan Paul responds to his doppelganger on TikTok, goes viral

Logan Paul Responds To His look-alike TikToker Video goes Viral

Credit: TikTok

Recently, clips of a TikTok user are going viral and he is getting a lot of attention on the platform, the reason for all this sudden fame is that is his supposed similarity in appearance and facial features to that of the YouTuber and rising boxing sensation Logan paul when the videos first began to circulate, the fans of the YouTubers were quite surprised and shocked at the same time, and the resemblance is to such an extent that even Jake Paul, the brother of the YouTuber Logan Paul, got perplexed and was left scratching his head at the clips of the lookalike of his brother being spread on the internet like wildfire.

The lookalike of Logan Paul confuses the internet

It won’t be the first that a lookalike of some famous and well-recognized personality has got the internet completely confused and left to scratching head, however, the similarity between Logan Paul and his lookalike is so much that even the brother of Logan paul got confused, this lookalike of Logan paul is known by the name of Rodney Peterson, and his similarity in appearance to the YouTuber is very much, to an extent everybody is shocked.


Reaction to the lookalike of Logan Paul

Jake paul, Even the brother of the YouTuber Logan Paul was surprised and confused when the videos of Rodney began to circulate on the internet and went viral, he was left scratching his head like many of the fans of the YouTuber.