Lauryn ‘pumpkin’ Efird, Mama June Shannon’s Daughter, And Her Husband Josh Upload The Pictures Of Their Newly Born Young Ones And Reveal Their Names 

Josh & Lauryn 'Pumpkin'

As seen in the photos that the Sun managed to get their hands on, Pumpkin can be seen smiling as she shows and holds her newborn twins, these two new additions to her family mark them as four children in total, all younger than 4 years of age.

The 22-year-old star brought the twins into the world by Caesarian in a hospital in Georgia, the happy parents shared lovely pictures as the number of their kids doubled in a day.

Josh’s mother and his step parents were the first to arrive and see the newborns, Pumpkin told the Sun that she is aware that it is going to be a bit hectic but she says she will enjoy the process.

Mama June Absent From The Birth Of Her Grandkids 

Mama June, Pumpkin’s mother was not present at the birth of her new grandkids, since she is now living with her new husband, Justin Strout in the state of Alabama, who has been ordered not to leave the state due to some issues with the law after he violated his probation.

Pumpkin’s aunt Jojo Shannon arrived on the scene to help the the couple as she was spotted carrying items used for infants like diapers and wipes

Lauryn 'pumpkin' Efird, Mama June Shannon's Daughter


Pumpkin’s sister also was seen carrying loads of baby supplies into the house of the family 

As it appears that Pumpkin is angry with her mother for not arriving to see her grandkids   

She angry spoke how it was up to her to make sure she has a connection with the grandkids and not Pumpkin’s responsibility, if she wants to meet or call them, she has to make an effort, she says in a sarcastic tone aimed at her mother that the grandkids won’t miss anyone who they don’t know.

Although Mama June seems grounded thanks to her relationship with her new husband as he deals with his legal matters