Kylie Jenner supports the “stop trying to be TikTok” campaign

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner supports the “stop trying to be TikTok” campaign

Every month new campaigns begin on social media platforms. Nowadays, a recent campaign has begun regarding Instagram transforming into a TikTok platform. Kylie joined the viral virtual campaign that has been going on. We can say the fashion icon has increased the value of the campaign. The campaign tries to bring the aesthetics of Instagram back rather than transforming it into a TikTok platform. 

Many people are trying to depict their support for the ongoing campaign. 

The reel feature of Instagram makes its resemblance to TikTok’s 

We all are aware of the craze of TikTok and how people are loving that platform to express themselves. The video feature of TikTok is the most loved feature by people. TikTok’s features, filters, songs, and trends make sensation all the time and people go fanatical and crazy about it. However, earlier when this feature was only restricted to TikTok now competitors are born with more updates on the social media platform. 


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Nowadays, Instagram has become like a mini TikTok due to the trending photos and videos. Instagram has billions of users and its popularity among people, especially Gen Y and Z. 

Instagram a few years back came with a reel feature which can be an indication of it following the TikTok style and becoming the second TikTok platform. 

What do you know about the “stop trying to be TikTok” campaign?

TikTok’s craze is growing day by day it has many billion users. The application is becoming a sensation due to its trends, shorts features, and several filters making the video and photos more beautiful. Due to its amazing interface, TikTok is becoming the most preferred choice by celebrities also. Many celebrities have joined this platform which is a gala time for all the fans. 

Due to the feature of reels available on Instagram many people are thinking it has become like TikTok. Now the people are coming up with this campaign to stop the platform Instagram from becoming the second TikTok. Due to this the campaign is trending and becoming more popular.  This trend talks about how to stop making Instagram another TikTok platform. 

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner joins the famous campaign

Kylie Jenner is a famous star, who is an idol for millions of people.  She has a million following on the platform TikTok. The fan following increased when she posted some videos with her daughter Stormi on TikTok. She also joined this campaign on a social media campaign. Kylie expressed her wish that she wants to Instagram a simple photo-based application.