Kylie Jenner finds herself under fire after taking kids to target, dubbed as publicity stunt.

Kylie Jenner

Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Model Kylie Jenner finds herself under fire after she had taken her kids to the near by target store, it is no state secret that the family of Kardashians and Jenners have assets in billions and all the family members are well known and wealthy socialites, thus the nature of her visit is being suspected and smells of dubious nature to the public, many have gone as far to call this sudden appearance at the target store a publicity stunt since someone as rich as Kylie Jenner wouldnt need to visit the target store, the family of kardashians and jenner always have public criticism directed towards them for their excessively lavish and inconsiderate living standards 

Kylie jenner and her visit to the target to the target with the kids

Kylie jenner who is one of the wealthy socialites of the united states of america and happens to come from a family famed for its rich people, her handles on the social media are filled with the content of her spending time with her daughter Stormi, the mother daughter duo have been an eye candy for both the public and the media on many a occasions, they enjoy doing a lot of fun activities together, which includes cooking among others. However, just some days back, kylie had taken the children with her to a nearby Target store, the children with her were stormi, chicago and true, Kylie even recorded her small visit to the target store and shared the video on the video sharing app of tiktok, however it wasn’t well received by the internet users as they began to criticize her.

Kylie Jenner under fire for her visit at target          

Many internet users pointed out that her visit to the target store is actual her silent support for the pollution that the franchise is creating, some said that to shoot a small video with the kids, Kylie must have reserved the entire target outlet for herself, many even commented sarcastically brought the matter of her plane ride which was only 17 minutes long and would have barely taken an hour had the same trip been done by road.