Kodak Black is in custody after he was found in possession of oxycodone pills in Florida 


Credit: AP

Kodak has apparently been arrested after a stash of oxycodone pills was found on his person in the state of Florida.

Kodak black had oxycodone pills on his person

Last Friday, Kodak black had been cruising around in his Dodge Durango in the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale, when he was stopped by the police officers at a traffic signal in the state of Florida.

As per the claims made by the officers of the Florida Highway Patrol, they said that they were conducting a routine traffic stop check on the 15th of July which was a Friday, somewhere around 4:30 pm in the evening.

As per the sources, the cops asked the rapper to pull over since the windows of his vehicle had a tint that had a color darker than it was permissible, also as soon as they had come closer to the vehicle, they had gotten a hint of marijuana in the air.

A search of the vehicle of Kodak black followed in short order and about 31 pills of oxycodone and 74960$ in cash were recovered from the vehicle, to add on top of that, the license of the vehicle and the driving license of kodak black had been way past the expiry date.

We also now know that the rapper Kodak black was then proceeded to be moved to Broward County Jail on the charges that we, at the moment are unaware of.

Kodak Black’s previous trouble with the Law.

This wasn’t the first time that the rapper Kodak Black found himself brushing the wrong side of the law, he was born with the name Dieuson Octave but later switched to the name Bill Kahan Kapri, his first crime was a car theft back in the days of his middle school.

He had several trips behind the bars for the charges of felony over the years of his life.


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