Kenan Thompson to leave Saturday night live after the 50th season? Truth behind the rumors.

Kenan Thompson

In the opinion of Kenan Thompson, the long-time cast member of the NBC comedy sketch series Saturday night live, better known in its short form SNL, it would be the perfect opportunity to wrap up the show for once and for all after the 50th season of the show.

Is Kenan Thompson really leaving?

The host of the NBC comedy sketch series Saturday Night Live, Kenan Thompson, in a series of subtle comments and remarks, hinted at the possibility of him bailing out of the show, he would consider leaving the program if the current producer, Lorne Micheals decides to leave the show as well. In a recent interview on the podcast Hell of a Week with its host Charlamagne the God, Kenan was asked about the rumors that are circulating about Saturday Night Live to be wrapped up after its 50th season, since Micheals has decided that he wont be working after he has crossed the age of 80, to this Kenan Thompson, who had been on the show about the past two decades, said that these things, at the moment, are merely rumors, and even if they are true, it wont be a bad idea to stop the show, he even went ahead to say that now he needs a plan about what to do After Saturday Night Live.


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Is NCB planning to cut costs for the show?

Since its conception of the show in the year of 1975, Lorne Micheals had been the one who had always played the role of the show runner, he had been the producer of the show for about the entire existence of the show except for a brief 5 year break that occurred somewhere in the 80s, Thompson in his conversation added that the number 50 seems very appropriate to stop a show that will be leaving behind such a grand legacy, and if Micheals is to leave, it would be better to stop the show and let someone else take over, and this provides the chance for NBC to cut some costs.