Kanye’s West Instagram Account was deleted. Skete Davidson passed away?

Skete Davidson

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This is the same platform where hundreds of rumors are born daily. Another one is created now. This happened after Kanye West posted something. In a disturbing post on Instagram by Kanye West, where Kanye claimed that the famous personality Skete has passed away. Skete Davidson is also known as Pete Davidson.

What was the content of Kanye West’s story?

The praise rapper god shocked many people today morning. In which the rapper through their social media accounts shared the picture as a response to his breakup. The separated from his former wife and famous celebrity Kim Kardashian.

The almost 46-year-old shared a few screenshots of a phony page coming with a heading. 

Skete Davidson Really Dead

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What did Kim Kardashian request regarding the post?

The star, Kim Kardashian, 41 years old pleaded with Kanye west to take down the offensive message that he has posted on Instagram. Since then people are talking about it. However, on the Grammy award winner’s page, there is a notice stating ‘No Posts’. Kim, who a few times back ended her relationship with the youngster, Pete didn’t give any comment on Ye’s post. Although she kept silent publicly an insider said this was not the scenario behind the curtains. Kim has outrageously supported Pete and always tried to convince West to take down the post as per the sources. We can see that she innocently adores him and will give her support utmost in the future. 


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What are the rumours about the couple?

This incident broke all the rumors about the hope of the power couple getting back together anytime soon. The power couple areparents of 4 adorable kids. As per the source, Kim is not never getting back with the star, after what Kanye behaved with her, and how he has treated all her love and respect. She has tried her best to create an environment of happy parenting for their kids.