Kanye Attacks Adidas For Copying His Product 

Kanye Attacks Adidas For Copying His Product 


Kayne seems to be at loggerheads with the sports business giant once again as he claims on the internet that his product has been copied.

He went ahead and wrote a long post on Instagram about how his Yeezy slides have  been copied by Adidas in the new Adilette 22 sandals they released, the rapper went as far as to call those fake Yeezys and expressed his wish to meet the Adidas CEO about this.

The Actual Comparison Between The Two 

Kanye launched his Yeezys in 2015 in a collaboration with Adidas, now he seems to have a problem with the company since they released what he thinks is a poor copy of his product the previous month.

When taking into notice the appearance, they can be called similar, but the adidas ones are a bit slimmer and lighter than the Kanye ones, Yeezys are also costly as compared to Adidas ones.

Fans Appear Divided Over The Claim

Many fans seem to side with Kayne over the matter, expressing their disappointment over adidas copying it while on the other hand there a lot of those who believe that this no truth in the statement and that the two products are different