Jossara Jinaro: What Happened to Her? Former ‘Passions’ and ‘ER’ actress passes away at the age of 48.

Jossara Jinaro

A veteran television actress, Jossara Jinaro, died at the age of 48. Matt Bogado, her hubby shared the tragic news on the official Facebook page of Jossara. Jossara Jinaro leaves behind two children and a husband. She has guest roles on episodes like Strong Medicine, ER, and Judging Amy. She started her television career with a recurring role in Judging Amy. Here’s a look at the character who kicked off Jossara’s television career.

In Amy’s Judgement, what role did Jossara Jinaro play?

Jossara Jinaro portrayed Courtney Messina on Judging Amy. Sean Potter’s girlfriend, Ignacio Messina’s daughter, is likewise reflected by a recurring figure.

According to her IMDb biography, it was this role that grabbed the attention of Emmy Award-winning director/producer Christopher Chulack, who cast her in ER and then Smith opposite Simon Baker. Meanwhile, for her role as Rae on Passions, she was nominated for a GLAAD award in 2006.

Jossara Jinaro has also served as a producer on a number of short films that have gone on to become feature films. She had worked in movies like- Devil’s Rejects, World Trade Center, Havoc and Fly Boys.


The actress’s death was announced by her husband.

Jossara’s husband, Matt, tweeted a family photo along with the news of her passing. He wrote in it, “With tremendous regret, I announce the death of my wife, Jossara Jinaro, on this date, April 27, 2022.” Jossara heroically battled illness and returned home to be surrounded by loved ones.”


The actress kept her fans up to date on her condition by posting on Facebook on a regular basis. She also posted pictures from the hospital where she was being treated.


The late actress was remembered by her fans.

Jossara has been a favourite of many thanks to her fantastic roles on television throughout the years. On social media platforms, her fans posted their grief and  mourn for her death.


In response to Matt’s tweet, actor Jake O’Flaherty replied, “I’m so sorry Matt and my condolences to you and your family.” May she rest in peace and fly with the angels. She benefited everyone she met, and because of her talent, beauty, kindness, and generosity, I’ll never forget working with her at the Whitefire Theatre.”


“Please accept my deepest sympathies. Jossara was a beautiful person on the inside and out, and I’m thankful to have met her.”