Jordana Brewster wed Mason Morfit, a year after the engagement in California.  

Jordana Brewster marries Mason Morfit

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In a ceremony that took place in the state of California on the Saturday that went by, which was the 3rd of September, the actress from the fast and furious movie series Jordana Brewster had tied the knot with the Tech CEO mason morfit, Brewster was looking very gorgeous in the black mermaid dress that she had decided to wear on that day complete with a fitting of a bodice of ribbon, Jordana had decided to keep her braids well clear and out of the black and had completed her look of the day with a veil that had designs and patterns which had an emphasis on weaving, tech CEO Mason Morfit looked dashing too as he was wearing a black tuxedo and a necktie to match, stars like Vin Diesel, Ludacris and the daughter of paul Walker Meadows were present along with the fast family of Mason Morfit. In an attempt to honor her dead co-star and former romantic partner for the movies of the fast and furious series Paul Walker, he had her new husband arrived in a car with a blue paint scheme which was quite similar to the one Paul had in the films, their wedding is happening after almost an year of them getting engaged, Jordana took to the platforms of social media, where she captioned the photos of her wedding where she wrote how JB is JBM.

Fast and Furious Jordana Brewster marries Mason Morfit 

On the Saturday that went by, which was the 3rd of September, actress Jordana Brewster, who is famous for her associations with the movie series of Fast and Furious, recently married a CEO of a tech business Mason Morfit in a grand wedding ceremony, her co stars from the series were also present at the ceremony with her.